South Street Seaport Museum


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Pioneer (italics) – See Naming Conventions (Ships) Wiki about how to write about ships in this post and especially Intrepid post because one “rule” was to write prefix of ship and them omit prefix after every other subsequent mention of ship (prefix I suppose is USS, etc.). Check other websites like Grammarly to know for sure rules.




City Hall


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City Hall (tour, research official name of tour), City Hall Park X, DND Municipal Building ?, CityStore X, Millennium Park X

Write about things with ? and X?


Union Square


Copy and paste notes in Gmail draft before posting to know notes safe

Anticipate all calendrical holidays and their meanings/interpretations in relation to post, post blocks, post sequences, post meanings/interpretations, and project and all dates i.e. 1/2/2018

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Labor Day – Research history of Labor Day and Labor Day in? Union Square and in NYC and refer to notes on this – make mention of NYC Labor Day Parade? to set up this post in Sept. 2018?

Mention plaque embedded? in Union Square commemorating first Labor Day Parade (in Union Square, NYC, New York state, US, or world?) – Sept. 5, 1882 – Use photo of plaque?

George Washington equestrian statue, oldest statue in Park’s collection? Research this. Oldest because King George III? statue in Bowling Green Park melted down and turned into bullets (what is this called? legend, lore, history, famous story, etc.?) Reference George Washington statue plaque photo for more info, this would be good.

Look for reflections of self in Union Square photo or other awkward reflections, also keep in mind righting? of photo in Photoshop if want the buildings to seem parallel to image’s sides or would this make the image seem “unnatural?”

Metronome, didin’t emit vapor? smog? smoke? Research what it’s supposed to emit and at what time. Also mention old Camel Cigarette billboard that used to do the same thing (what other billboards have done this historically?) and were the creators of Metronome inspired by the Camel? billboard? Was the Camel billboard close to Union Square? I think I learned about the Camel billboard from an Untapped Cities email. Mention creators’ sculpture that used to be in City Hall Park to set up City Hall post or no because might not be able to know all of the work they’ve done in NYC plus this sets me up to have to mention the work of other artists’ to set up future post which could be problematic due to lack of knowledge of artworks?

The? Pavilion – is name The? Pavilion or Pavilion, research. Also, research because seasonal restaurant? roughly? or exactly when restaurant operates. What was the pavilion used for before restaurant and its original use, research? Mention Rev. Billy and wife’s controversy/fake website or no because too much info? Pavilion food very good and the portion of WHAT I GOT was very good.

Decker Building, what was its historical use and what is it used for today? That place where Andy Warhol got shot, double check? Was this also one of the places where Andy Warhol filmed one of his “silver balloons” videos, probably not but check anyway? Make slight mention of the person who shot Andy Warhol to make post a little juicy or no because too much info/disrespectful. Mention that Decker Building houses Dylan’s Candy Bar or no because can be seen in image? Research if Dylan’s Candy Bar is a “New York thing” and if it’s not then don’t use photo of chocolate bar even though it was in a white wrapper indicating Labor Day, why does white indicate or is used during Labor Day?

Copied and pasted street signs about Federal Hall from this batch of photos to Federal Hall file, noting this because may mention that I photographed plaques/signs/signage to have other references than Wiki pages, websites, books, brochures, handouts, etc.